Mission Statement
Ladies Of Promise provides a safe and sober environment for women who seek help for alcohol and drug additions. This facility uses the Recovery Dynamic Model to provide education to their clients. Counselors work with each client on aftercare, life skills and parenting. Onsite managers monitor the day to day activities in order to create a positive environment for making life long decisions.
A New Freedom
Freedom from Addiction
Freedom from the Mental Bondage of Self
A New Happiness
Reuniting with family
Being useful within our Community
Becoming Better Mothers, Daughters and Friends
Program Activities
Recovery Dynamics:
Recovery Focused on Meditation Monday – Friday 8:00-9:00am 5 days a week
Ladies of Promise Believes that How We Begin Our Day can have a direct impact on how our day unfolds
Twenty Eight Sessions Tuesday 9-10am • 6-7pm Thurday 9-10am • 6-7pm
Errors in Thinking
12 Steps Meetings
Completion of 12 Step Packet
Additional Services
Non Residential Program
After Care Programming
Ladies of Promise seek outside resources for parenting, nutrition and schooling
Job Opportunities
Individual Counseling Provided by Darryl Wales, CADAC #II
Ladies of Promise apartments provided for qualified applicants upon completion of program
Ladies of Promise Provides Housing for Women
Right out of treatment facilities
Jails and Prisons
Homeless Shelters
Work Release Programs
Halfway Houses
Anyone Seeking Spiritual Growth
The Founder of Ladies of Promise
AILEEN BRYANT is FOUNDER and DIRECTOR of “LADIES OF PROMISE, INC.”, a sober living facility for women seeking recovery from addition. The very existence of this facility is the result of her visionary spirit. She is a woman driven to reach back and pull another woman in from a life of hopelessness, to share the gift of a new freedom and new happiness.